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When you make a marriage tax claim, it’s clear that you and your partner are looking to be compensated for paying too much tax. It’s understandable that you may be feeling concerned about whether or not you are still eligible. We are almost half way through 2021 and the deadline for claims made for four years ago passed in May. However, you could still be eligible for a marriage tax claim if you hit certain criteria. Now that we have come out of lockdown, it may be time for you and your partner to relax. You deserve to have a little extra spending money or perhaps receive a pay-out that you can put away for times of emergency. The choice is entirely up to you. Either way, getting in touch with a solicitor from Gowing Law is the perfect way to get started on your claim.

If you are interested in making a marriage tax claim, your specialist solicitor will be there to support you throughout the entire process. Not only will they fill out all of the tricky paperwork on your behalf, but they will always keep you updated about your claim and will answer all of your questions. Get started on your claim by calling 0800 041 8350 or by clicking the button below:

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What is a marriage tax claim?

A recent survey has shown that around 4 million couples in the UK couples could be eligible for a marriage tax claim. If we were to calculate how much of a tax break people are missing out on, it would total around £1 billion. That’s why it’s crucial that you get in contact as soon as possible to claim the pay-out that you deserve.

Marriage tax claims exist to reclaim money lost due to the tax that was taken away from your wage. If you are married or in a civil partnership, it is likely that you will be eligible for compensation. This is due to the fact that your partner can transfer over around 10% of their unused personal savings allowance (PSA). Just keep in mind that how much you receive depends on the extent of both your wages. Take a look at the case study below to get a better idea of how a marriage tax claim works:

Marriage Tax Claim Gif

If you are going to make a successful marriage tax claim, it’s important that you understand different types of wage brackets. Whether or not you are going to be able to make a transfer will depend on the amount of money you and your partner earn. This is due to the fact that one of you must have an excess PSA, whilst the other must not have any excess. If you meet these requirements then you could be eligible for a marriage tax claim pay-out.

Marriage Tax Claims Retirement

What could make me eligible for a Marriage Tax Claim?

There are three categories that you need to fulfil if you are thinking about making a marriage tax claim with your partner. These are:

Marriage tax steps

As you can see, you and your partner both need to fall into different pay-grades in order to make the successful transfer. You cannot do this if you earn over £40,000. Instead, if you are the higher earner, you partner will transfer their excess PSA to you. That way you can receive the tax and will pay less in the future as a result. This means that in the future you may pay less tax and could get the excess that you paid returned to you.

If you are interested in having your excess returned to you, it will depend on how much you actually paid into your marriage tax in the past. The amount you receive will be backdated over the last four years from when you and your partner paid your tax. We would estimate that you could be owed:

Amount of pay-out for marriage tax claims

Of course, this is solely an estimate. If you want to look into what you could be owed from your backlog of payments, you contact Gowing Law. Not only can they provide an estimate of the settlement agreement, they can let you know whether or not your pay grade will allow you eligibility for making a marriage tax claim in the first place. Let them know if you have any questions. Your solicitor will be there to provide you with the answers.

Marriage Tax Claim Divorce

How long will it take to make a Marriage Tax Claim?

You will have around 4 years to make a claim. However, this may differ depending on the type of circumstances you are making your claim under. It will take our team around one working day to ensure that you are eligible to make a claim. If so, they will work on the paperwork with you to ensure that it is ready to send off. This will take a few weeks, so try to be as patient as possible. Due to the pandemic, and the backlog of the UK court system, things have been delayed. If this does end up affecting your claim then you solicitor will let you know as quickly as possible. They will always keep you updated about what is happening with your claim.

How can a solicitor help with my marriage tax claim?

When you make a marriage tax claim, you might not be sure how much you could be owed and how long it will take to make your claim. That’s why it’s crucial that you have an experienced solicitor on your side to help with the tricky paperwork. They can help you avoid common mistakes and can speak to other parties involved in your case on your behalf. Your solicitor can help you keep on track and update you about the timeline of your case. Feel free to always ask questions if you are feeling concerned about your claim. Your solicitor will be there to help.

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