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Due to the current pandemic, there is a court case backlog, which could mean your public accident injury claim ends up being delayed. On June 19th, Robert Buckland, the UK’s justice secretary, announced that the backlog of current court cases could end up continuing on into 2021, with a recent update announcing that it could even go to the extent of moving into 2022. Courts were shut for a long period of time, pushing schedules further back. courtrooms have lower capacity as they now need to have strict social distancing regulations put in place, and new limits on how long people can be within an enclosed space.

It is estimated that the current backlog in court cases now stands at 41,000 cases. Gowing Law will endeavour to support you and your public accident or financial mis-selling claims case as much as we can. That way we can make sure that you get your compensation in a reasonable amount of time, despite the current delays. We can also make sure that you are protected through social distancing and offering our services through remote communication. Check your claim now by clicking the button below:

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Why has Covid-19 caused a court case backlog?

If you have been keeping up-to-date with Gowing Law’s most recent blogs, you will notice that a lot of our content has been about Covid-19 and how you can keep safe during this pandemic. This includes creating a safe work space, using public transport safely and finding out whether or not you could claim for compensation for catching Covid-19. We want to make sure that everyone is safe whilst they’re in the middle of claiming compensation. This sentiment is replicated in the current court system. That is why they were closed a few months ago when the pandemic was at its peak in the UK.

Right now, the court system has been re-opened but that does not mean things are going to immediately go back to normal. As they have been closed for a substantial period, it’s important that the court system is updated to account for the pandemic and social distancing. If you are currently making a claim, you may find that it goes a bit differently than you expected it to go. Take a look at our infographic below to see some suggestions about what sort of court experience you are going to have:

court case backlog and covid-19

The Nightingale Courts & the court case backlog

Another thing that may happen is that you may not be asked to go to the courthouse that you are used to. In order to compensate for the lack of courthouses that are either open or have the capacity to take on multiple cases at a time, the government are considering opening new court houses under the name of The Nightingale Courts. According to the Lord Chancellor, Richard Buckland,

“Our action to keep the justice system running throughout the pandemic has been globally recognised, with these Nightingale Courts being the latest step in this effort. They will help boost capacity across our courts and tribunals – reducing delays and delivering speedier justice for victims.”

Be prepared to either be asked to join a remote meeting or to go to one of these court houses in order to get your case sorted out. Over 90% of people have been presently asked to undertake their case remotely, having an electronic call that can get you in contact with your lawyer, your judge, a jury and your opponent. Keep in mind that this may happen, so be ready to be flexible with your date.

how the government is helping the judical system and the court case backlog

Gowing Law is prepared to help you through the pandemic & the court case backlog

Naturally, if you have an accident claim or have been injured in public, you may feel a little unsure about what you can do. If you have gone back to work, you may have got hurt from an unsafe environment or you could have been injured on your commute, you may simply not know what to do. Covid-19 has changed the whole world, so you may even feel like you cannot go to hospital to get your wounds checked out. This is because you may not want to put yourself at risk of catching Covid-19.

Gowing Law Solicitors want to help you with your case and can support you if you get hurt throughout the pandemic and the court case backlog. It can be a daunting experience to make a claim, especially with the knowledge that the court system may not be at its best right now. But having the right legal representation can make you feel like your case is in safe hands and it will not be simply ignored. Gowing Law’s experienced solicitors can help you get started.

Remote help and collecting evidence

Naturally, one of the things that you may be thinking about in terms of your claim is how you can get started on any sort of claim during the pandemic. Everyone has been separated from each other for so long, and right now there are rumours that a second lock down may move into swing soon. That’s why we would be more than happy to discuss your case electronically. This way we can keep both you and our staff protected. Initial discussions about your case do not have to be delayed as they can be conducted through:

  • Phone calls
  • Video calls
  • Emails
  • Whatsapp
  • Online servers

If our solicitors need to send you important documentation, or you need to get your evidence to our solicitors, you may want to consider sending it by post. You can also take a picture and send a copy electronically to ensure that it reaches your lawyer. Take a look at the case study below to see how you could move forward with your case.

court case backlog & the case study for helping with remote claims

There are lots of ways that you could continue with your case even if you do not see your solicitor face-to-face. If you are feeling nervous about your case, your lawyer can even represent you when it is time to go to court. Just let us know how we can help you with your claim.

Remote Hearings & Court Case Backlogs: What should we expect?

If you are currently in the process of speaking to a solicitor about a remote hearing, you may be wondering what it will be like. Honestly, it will be very similar to what you should expect in a normal case. The only difference will be that it will be over a video call. Your judge will decide on a “trial-by-trial” basis, whether or not your case will need a jury.

To attend the remote session you will be invited to join a call via email. You can then join the Crown Court digital Case System. Your judge will be sitting in court in order to give a sense of normalcy. For more information make sure to visit the UK government’s website in order to get started. They can give you helpful tips and advice to get started with setting up a telephone and video hearing. That way you can feel confident that you will get the highest pay-out without Covid-19 stopping you.

technical issues and how to deal with them

How should I prepare for my hearing?

You should treat your hearing just like you would if you were going to go into court. It’s important to seek advice from your lawyer. They can prep you on the questions that may be asked throughout the trial. The best advisors include:

  • Charities
  • Lawyers/Solicitors
  • Local Governments
  • Friends
  • Family members

Keep in mind you need permission to them involved in the trial itself. This will be from the court or the tribunal. Your household can then join through your webcam. The can also be sent the link to the trial through email. However, even if they are a part of the trial then they cannot give you legal advice or speak on your behalf. Instead, they can provide you with practical information about the court’s process or for emotional support. To find out how you can arrange for additional support to join you in remote court, click here to visit the UK government’s website.

How can my solicitor help me with my claim?

No matter what type of accident or financial mis-selling claim you may have, it is always wise to have a legal specialist on your side. They can make sure that you get the compensation you deserve. You can also show your claim in the best light to get a high pay-out. However, there are additional benefits to having a lawyer. These include:

  • Helping you to organize your evidence
  • Avoiding any pitfalls
  • Filling out any essential paperwork
  • Giving you essential information about your trial and case
  • Estimating a potential pay-out
  • Making a timeline of how long you need for your claim
  • Setting deadlines to ensure all targets are hit

Make sure to direct any legal questions to your solicitor to ensure that you get an answer. You should be as prepared as possible for your case. That way you can make a stronger claim and get the pay-out that you deserve.

court case backlog and time length

Gowing Law Solicitors are here to support you throughout the pandemic and the court case backlog

We want to make sure that our clients around the UK are legally support. That way they can move forward with their claims cases. Remember, some cases may not need you to go to court in order to get a pay-out. For instance, if you have lost money due to PPI tax, all you need to do is get the help of a solicitor to help you fill out the R40. Make sure to take precautions. You should seek a lawyer for advice, especially if you are unsure about handling a certain claim.

We will always be here to help you by providing advice. Remember that you can quickly get in touch with us by using our live-chat feature. You can find out more about our live chat by clicking the link below:


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