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Gowing Law is proud to have Michael Owen collaborating with our legal firm to promote our services UK-wide. All of our experienced solicitors work hard to ensure that justice is brought to those who need it most. Michael, out of everyone, knows what it is like to be injured during times of great pressure. However, he has always strove to come out on top during difficult moments. That is why he has become a legendary footballer, being awarded the “Balon D’or”, one of the most prestigious achievements a footballer can receive, and potentially being voted as the best footballer in the world.. Michael Owen is a winner and we want to make sure that we provide winning service to anyone who needs our help.

We have now been collaborating with Michael for over four years and have truly enjoyed the journey. Michael is an extremely charismatic individual that is brimming with confidence. We loved having him visit our offices and meeting him in person. That is why we have produced so many advertisements with him as the face of Gowing Law. We look forward to continuing our collaborations in the future.

Gowing Law: Changing the face of legal advertisements

We understand that legal advertising is not the most interesting thing to listen to. Most of the time it can be quite dull listening to facts about accidents at work or car accidents, that’s why we wanted to liven things up. Working with Michael Owen, we were able to use fun facts about his career, such as his injuries, to do some “tongue in cheek” humour. These were mixed with some of the most common claims that we deal with. This includes work accidents, public accidents and traffic accidents. Take a look at two of our viral examples below:

Now, we have sponsored different shows before, such as Botched, but we decided that the best way to go about displaying our services was in a more fun and light-hearted manner. That way our clients can feel confident that not only are we experienced solicitors, but we are sociable individuals that can have a laugh. That’s why our ads quickly became viral and were even displayed on ESPN in America!

With Michael Owen spearheading our projects, Gowing Law couldn’t be prouder of the content that we have created. Not only is it funny, but it shows solicitors in a brand new light. We can have a laugh and let you know the facts without making them sound dull. This is why we are one of the best law firms in the UK. Not only are we extremely approachable, but we can display all the facts of your case in an easy manner to understand.

What do you think of our video campaigns? Let us know in the comments of our YouTube channel! We take all feedback and would love to know what sort of videos you would like to see advertised.

Collaborating with Michael Owen

We would like to take a moment to thank Michael Owen for his support and ideas when it came to the advertisements and campaign. He is a fantastic footballer and completely deserves being known for his kind-hearted nature and open-minded personality. We have truly enjoyed working with a winner like him. Over the last few years, we have collaborated on a number of projects with Michael, however our favourite has been for the good of the younger generation.

Together in football foundation button

Michael Owen is the figurehead and ambassador of our charity foundation. The “Together in Football Foundation” seeks to bring children of all backgrounds to enjoy a game of football in a stadium. Being on a football pitch is a place where every player is equal. Therefore, it is the perfect sport to bring people together and make everlasting friendships.

If you are interested in helping us with this foundation, or want to get involved or get tickets, please click the link above. This will take you to our foundation page where you can find out more information about our charity. Despite the UK being in lockdown, it is clear that football is a sport that simply won’t just go away. So feel free to get in contact about future events and how we are planning to support this charity in the future.

Radio Advertisements Collaboration: Michael Owen & Communicorps

Although Gowing Law Solicitors is currently working remotely, that does not mean we have stopped producing advertisements to spread the word about the services of our lawyers. That is why we have collaborated with Michael Owen and Communicorps to bring you radio adverts that can emphasize Michael’s triumphs in the football field, as well as give you a look into the world of a solicitor. Take a look at our advertising below!

As you can see, we have used the raw passion of football commentators to liven up our advertisements. That way you can feel the same way about collection compensation from an injury claim. Gowing Law Solicitors will always be here to support you in your time of need, just as Michael Owen has supported our advertising campaign. Our lawyers are experienced professionals who will be able to advise you on even the trickiest of cases. Just let us know what you need and we can set up a free consultation. You can also check out our blog page to see more information on different law topics in detail.

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