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Gowing Law’s Loyalty Scheme: We want to make it even better for you!

In order to thank our customers for their loyalty to Gowing Law and our legal services, we have decided it’s time to give back to our clients. That’s why if you recommend a friend or family member to our firm for the personal injury claim, and we have a successful case with them, we will gift you £300.

If you are already a Gowing Law client and want to know more, make sure to check out our loyalty scheme’s web page for more information:

Gowing Law’s Loyalty Scheme link

Now, you know what the main reward is for joining Gowing Law’s loyalty scheme, but did you know that we are actually looking to make it even better? To do this, we need your help and suggestions. After all, who knows better than our amazing clients what they think would be a good reward for the time and effort they have put into their claims case? It’s time for you to help us help you. That way we can give you the service and treatment that you deserve.

Fill out Gowing Law’s Loyalty Scheme Survey

Gowing Law’s Loyalty Scheme survey

Gowing Law’s questionnaire is really simple and quick to fill out. The main purpose is to find out what you want as a reward for choosing our law firm. That’s why we would be very grateful to receive your feedback.

We already have a number of ideas planned to give the members of our loyalty scheme perks and treats that can help them with their cases and also let them get their hands on some amazing prizes! Here are a few examples of what we have planned in the future:

  • The Gowing Law Loyalty App
  • Giveaways
  • Creative Competitions
  • Unique blog content
  • Bespoke infographics and fun claims guides
  • Casual meetings with our staff
  • Helpful lawyer posts
  • Jargon buster posts

These are only a few of our ideas that we are planning on introducing to our special social media groups. However, we want to know what you think would be better rewards to keep you updated about the latest information about UK law and Gowing Law Solicitors.

So, let us know what you think! We would be more than happy to help if you are having any trouble with the form. Just fill out your answers and send it off.

Do you know how to join Gowing Law’s loyalty scheme?

Check out our loyalty blog to get some assistance on how you can take part in the scheme. All you need to do is use the form to fill out your details, the details of the accident, how long ago the accident took place and who was involved in the accident. Send the form in and then one of our helpful team will be in contact to guide you through the remainder of the process. It’s just that simple. Just keep in mind that in order to join the loyalty scheme, you will need to have a personal injury claim, not any other type of claim (i.e. financial mis-selling).

If you have gone through this process and have already sent in a successful personal injury case, you can expect your own personalized bespoke cheque in the mail! ”Cheque” it out below:

Gowing Law’s Loyalty Scheme dummy cheque

The Most Common Questions about Gowing Law’s loyalty scheme

Our loyalty scheme is still extremely new. That’s why we understand if you have a number of questions that you would like answered. We want you to understand why you should take part in our loyalty scheme. That way you can feel confident working with our Manchester solicitors in the future. Take a look below at some of the most common questions that you may have about our firm’s scheme.

Loyalty scheme questions

If you have any additional questions, make sure to let us know! We want to make sure that you feel comfortable when you join our scheme. If you have left us a review and have already had a successful case, we would be very grateful if you could let other potential clients know about our services. That way we can support as many people as possible around the UK with their claims. Let us know what we can do to help.

Not sure what type of personal injury claim you have?

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Don’t worry! We understand that personal injury claims can get complicated. If you want to join the loyalty scheme, but are not sure what personal injury claim you, your friends or family have, we can help you! Whether you have been involved in a car accident or some sort of beauty claim, feel free to fill out your information on our claims checker and we can help you get started. If you still feel unsure then you can also talk to our friendly staff to help you understand what sort of claim you are going for with the help of a friendly solicitor.

Keep updated with Gowing Law’s blog!

law blog button

Every week we update our blogs with new content about the latest legal policies, Gowing Law updates and information about our loyalty scheme. If you are feeling a little confused on how to get started, our blogs contain information and guides that can put you on the right track. If you can’t find the blog that answers your questions, feel free to let us know. We would be more than happy to write a blog based on your suggestions. Send in your requests to

Our content team will then write up a blog as quickly as possible. Each of our blogs contain images, infographics and videos to help you get to grips with the topic. That way you can come to us already knowing the basics of your claim!

Contact Gowing Law to join our loyalty scheme

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We are looking forward to seeing you join our loyalty scheme. Not only could you receive £300 for recommending a successful personal injury case, but we want to get you involved in our competitions and giveaways. That way we can show you how much we appreciate you.

Get in contact today by phoning our law firm on 0800 041 8350, emailing or by using our LiveChat to directly speak to our staff. Our team can then guide you through the rest of the process with your claim. That way you can get involved in our loyalty scheme with ease.

Please fill in the questionnaire to help us understand how we can reward you for your loyalty. We want to make sure that you can get the best service possible. Feel free to also message us on our social media and share our posts.

Gowing Law Twitterfacebook link for Gowing Law

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