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Hair and Beauty Claims – What you could claim for

Despite hairdressers and beauticians being qualified to do their job, some are inexperienced or unskilled in their technique and this is when accidents can occur. Here at Gowing Law we are able to handle hair and beauty claims and can quickly assess whether you have a valid claim for personal injury.

Some treatments are more likely to cause injuries than others, here are the most common types of injuries in the hair and beauty industry that you can claim for:


Burns, Allergic reactions and Bleach damage

Hair damage caused by the application of bleach is unfortunately a common occurrence for women, bleach damage can cause the hair to become dry and snap off or cause a chewing gum like consistency and the hair must then be cut off and as a result, clients often lose a substantial amount of hair length. In severe cases women can be left with bald patches if the solution has been mixed incorrectly or left on for too long. If bleach is applied directly to the scalp it can cause burns and painful blisters, often needing medical attention to treat. Allergic reactions to products can also result in hair loss, painful swelling and blisters so it is essential that a patch test is carried out 48 hours prior to the clients’ appointment.

Waxing Injuries

It is important that waxing procedures are carried out with extreme care as it can cause serious injuries to the client if it is performed incorrectly. A waxing related injury can occur if the wax is applied too hot or too cool or the waxing strips are removed incorrectly such as the skin not being held correctly prior to the removal of the wax strips. Just like with hair dye it is essential that a patch test is carried out 48 hours before the procedure to ensure the client isn’t allergic to the wax being used. Eyebrow, facial, body and bikini waxes can all result in injury such as burns or tears and lacerations to the skin, in some severe cases these injuries may even require hospital treatment.

Eye Treatments

Treatments carried out around the eyes requires exceptional care as eye injuries can be very serious and in some cases could lead to loss of eyesight. Eyelash and eyebrow tinting are popular treatments, it is essential that a patch test is carried out before these treatments 48 hours beforehand. When carrying out eyelash tinting it must also be ensured that the client isn’t allergic to any of the chemicals in the tinting solution, such as para-phenylenediamine (PPD) which is a known contact allergen. As well as tinting treatments, eyelash extensions are also extremely popular, it is essential that a patch test for the glue is carried out and that the beautician is fully trained and experienced because if the glue comes into contact with the eyes the injuries sustained can be extremely serious.

IPL & Laser Treatments

As well as being an effective method of hair removal, IPL and laser treatment can also be used to eliminate stretch marks, thread veins and scarring. It is essential that the client has a small skin patch test before undergoing the full treatment to ensure that the machine settings are suitable for the clients’ skin. If the machine settings are too high for the skin type it can cause burns and blisters to the applied area which can then lead to scarring in some cases.


We have a team of highly qualified and experienced female solicitors upon request of the client to deal with both intimate and general hair and beauty claims who will handle all cases with confidentiality and professionalism to ensure our clients feel at ease and comfortable with their claim.

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