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Have you suffered damage to your hair or skin in a salon?

There are in excess 30,000 hair salons in this country. Unfortunately, the hairdressing industry is not regulated. This means that the hairdresser who carries out the treatment does not have to be trained or have any qualifications to operate and run a hairdressing business. Gowing Law will help in claiming damages following a visit to the hairdressers where the hairdresser has been negligent. We also represent claimants for many types of injury to the hair, causing hair damage or in some cases hair loss.

Hair Colouring Treatments

We can assist with a claim following a visit to the hairdressers for a hair colour that has caused damage to the hair and /or scalp. Chemical damage to the hair causing the hair to be dry, brittle and snap can be caused by numerous reasons. These include the product being mixed incorrectly, the product being left on for too long or the hair not being suitable for the application product. The hairdresser should, if they are in doubt, perform a strand/skin test to see if the product is suitable prior to the application of the product. This test should be carried out 24 hours prior to the treatment taking place.

Damage caused by the application of Bleach

Numerous applications of bleach can cause hair damage and hair loss and in some cases baldness can occur. This can be due to the bleach being left on for an excessive period if time or if the solution has been mixed incorrectly. Strand tests /skin tests should be carried out to check the customer’s hair prior to application of the product.

Allergic reaction to hair products causing burns to scalp and hair loss

In some cases, chemicals in the products can react with the customer’s skin or hair, causing an allergic reaction. This can result in an allergic reaction to the product and can cause hair loss also. A skin patch can deduct if a person has a pre-existing allergy to the product they attend to apply.

Dip Dye Procedure

Where the ends of the hair are bleached to lighten the hair and the desired colour applied to the ends of the hair. If the bleach is left on too long, the hair can become dry, brittle and be chemically damaged. As the bleach is not applied directly to the scalp, no patch is necessary. However, bleach is used for this procedure and if the product comes in contact with the skin, this can be extremely harmful.

These are just examples of some types of claims we can handle on your behalf following a visit to the hairdressers. We have experience in dealing with all types of accidents and would be happy to answer any questions you may have to enable us to consider whether you have a claim.

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