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By making a data breach claim, you are taking back control over your privacy. You did not ask for a third party to breach your sensitive data. It hurts to know that you put your trust in a company and they let you down. Whether the breach was purely accidental or was on purpose, you deserve to get compensation for any damages you have suffered from. Data is a commodity that has a higher value than oil. That’s why if you have become the victim of a data breach, it’s essential that you get the support you need to get a fair amount of compensation. Gowing Law Solicitors has specialists on hands to ensure you get the pay-out that you deserve. This includes whether or not you are eligible to make such a claim in the first place.

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What is a Data Breach Claim?

Did you know that by November 2020, there were a recorded 103 data breaches in the UK? Whilst this may not seem a lot, for the UK alone, 2020 saw 586,771,602 instances of leaked records. For a moment, imagine how much personal data this may have included. Not only could it contain details about the person’s private information, but financial details. You could have been one of these victims. This it is essential that you understand the basics of what a Data Breach claim actually is.

To put it bluntly, if you are eligible for a data breach claim, you have had sensitive information shared by a company or a public authority. You did not give permission to share these details. Therefore, this could put you in a compromising position, especially if it could expose you to criminal activity.

Take a look at the example below to get a better idea of how data breach claims work:

Private Information about Data Breach Claim GIF

Not only could you feel extremely embarrassed about having your personal details, the stress of knowing that sensitive information has been viewed publically can make you feel nervous that you could become the victim of identity theft. The worse your damages are, the more likely it is that you can claim for a larger amount of compensation. For instance, if your data was sold to a third party and then you became the victim of identity theft, this could affect both your mental/emotional health and your financial status. This means there is a chance that you could claim thousands in compensation.

Take a look at the compensation chart below to get a better idea about how much you could be owed from the other party:

Different types of Data Breach Claims

What could make me eligible for a successful claim?

If you are thinking about making a data breach claim, it’s important that you understand exactly why you could be eligible. Having an established law firm on your side can make sure you know where you stand in relation to your claim. We understand that legal claims can sound very complicated. But with a solicitor with you, they can decipher the jargon and make sure you know how much you could claim, how long it will take to receive your compensation and whether or not you are eligible.

To be eligible for a data breach claim, the following could happen to you:

  • Important data is accidently lost.
  • Your identity was stolen in order to use a credit/bank card.
  • A third party obtained your data without your consent.
  • Your personal information was misused by someone.
  • There was a data leak that affected you.
  • Your personal information was used for journalistic intentions.

The best way to confirm whether or not you could be eligible for a claim is to speak to your solicitor. They can help you understand what you could be owed from the other party. The more damages you have suffered, the higher the compensation pay-out will be.

How long will it take to make a claim

Will Covid-19 and the lockdown affect my data breach claim?

One of the things that you may feel concerned about is in relation to the current lockdown. Although it is easing, you may feel worried that the backlog of UK court cases may delay your claim. We are going to be 100% with you and tell you that there is a chance that the timeline of your claim could be slowed down due to the pandemic. As the UK courts are catching up with previously delayed cases, it is likely that it may take a longer for you to get a decision on your compensation if the other party does not agree to a settlement agreement. However, your solicitor will still be there through every step of the way.

A data breach solicitor can fill in any tricky paperwork and can talk to the other party on your behalf. They understand that this sort of claim is very stressful. That’s why you can talk to them about any additional questions you may have. They can also provide you with guidance and support when it comes to your evidence. That way you can get the highest amount of compensation possible.

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