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Marriage tax claims are the most unlikely things you are going to be thinking about around Christmas time. However, here at Gowing law we have been helping people all over the UK get a discount on their taxes. Did you know that 50% of couples both married and in civil partnerships do not know that they could be eligible for a marriage tax claim? This is where our law firm can come in to help you make a successful tax claim, either for Marriage tax or PPI tax.

This year, couples have been hit especially hard by the pandemic. Divorce rates are booming due to the lack of space between couples, highly stressful life-events (like the loss of the job or death of a family member) and general relationship problems. That’s why we want to do our bit to make things a little easier for the couples of the UK. You could be owed quite a large discount from your marriage tax claim, but not quite have the legal know-how about how you can get this discount for yourself.

Gowing Law can help you with your marriage tax claim and make sure that you get the legal counsel that you deserve. Get in contact with us today by calling 0800 031 8350 or by clicking on our marriage tax button below to learn more!

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What is a Marriage Tax Claim?

Now, marriage tax claims are different from normal tax claims and PPI Tax Claims. This is because when you receive your “pay-out”, it is going to be used to get you a discount on your future tax. If there is any backdated tax, you will receive the excess that you should not have paid previously. By making a marriage tax claim, you are actively trying to transfer money in order to get a discount. Any pre-dated marriage tax can be collected as a pay-out.

For 2020, you could claim back around £1,200’s worth of tax from HMRC. This can be used as a discount for your future tax and entirely depends on the financial circumstances of you and your partner. But either way, the highest earner could find that they are paying less tax this year and in the future. Take a look at our case study to understand how much you could earn if you did decide to make a marriage tax claim:

Marriage Tax Claims case study

How much could I get as a pay-out through Marriage Tax Claims?

One of the best things about making a marriage tax claim is that every claimant’s pay-out is going to be different! In some cases, if the claimant has not claimed for any discounts on their marriage tax for the last four years, it’s possible that the amount could be increased through it being back-dated.

Now, for this 2020-2021, you could claim around £250 as a tax break. However, this could be increased if you backdate the claim for the last few years: Here are a few examples of what you could claim from the last four years:

  • 2015-2016: £212
  • 2016-2017: £220
  • 2017-2018: £230
  • 2018-2019: £238

If you put all of these pay-outs together then you should have an extremely big pay-out, in some cases over £1,000! Make sure to speak to your solicitor from Gowing Law in order to get an estimate about how much you could be owed if you are eligible for a marriage tax claim from HMRC.

divorce and marriage tax claims

What would make me eligible for a marriage tax claim?

Now. if you are going to make a marriage tax claim, you need to make sure that you are eligible for getting a pay-out. In many cases, a lot of our clients believe that they are not eligible to make a claim because they now live abroad or they are self-employed, but in reality they could get a completely valid pay-out!

Take a look below at our infographic to get started with the basic eligibility criteria:

marriage tax claims infographic

As you can see, you need to be married or in a civil partnership in order to make a claim. The reason behind this is that you need to have a partner to make the transfer of the remains of a personal savings allowance (PSA) to the highest earning partner. One partner must also earn under £12,500 and not pay tax, whilst the other must earn around £12,500-£50,000 and pay at least basic tax. That way the transfer can be made between the two partners successfully.

Let’s take a moment to explain how the claim actually works. In order to get a discount on paying your tax or get a tax break, the lowest earner will use the excess of their PSA to transfer it over to the highest earner. That way they will need to pay less on their tax over the upcoming year. If you have not claimed for your previous years of tax, you can also backdate it to ensure that you will get the full amount that you have missed out on in the past.

1 billion missed out in marriage tax claims

Can I make marriage tax claims if I am retired?

Yes! If you are married or in a civil partnership, you can still make a claim if you are retired. It’s not about how long you have been working for, it’s about how much tax you and your partner pay together. Even if you are retired, you will still have fallen into a certain tax band. That means both of you can still claim for tax.

The best way to figure out whether or not you could be eligible is to speak with a solicitor from our law firm. They have the legal expertise that you need to make sure that you get the pay-out that you deserve. Feel free to come to our solicitors about any questions that you have.

Even if your partner is unfortunately decreased, you could still be eligible. All you need to do is let us know and we will do our best to make sure that you get the support that you deserve.

What should I do if I experience a job loss whilst making marriage tax claims?

Unfortunately, 2020 has been a bad year for job losses, namely because of the pandemic. With offices closed, it’s very likely that you have been placed on furlough and are not receiving your full wage. That means the amount of tax you pay also may have to change. In quite a few cases, the change in the tax you pay may actually be a good thing as it will make you eligible for making a claim in the first place. However, in other cases if neither partnership are earning a wage, it may make you both ineligible for any sort of marriage tax claims that are made.

The best way to find out if the job loss or change could impact your future marriage tax claims is to speak with a solicitor. All of our solicitors have the legal experience you need to ensure that you have a successful claim on your hands.

top rate in taxes for marriage tax claims

How long will it take to make marriage tax claims?

The best thing about making marriage tax claims near Christmas time is that we can help you get compensation in the New Year. That means you will hopefully receive a pay-out/discount on your tax in 2021. This will start the New Year off on a good note. It will take around 6-8 weeks. But keep in mind that it may take longer due to the current pandemic and delays in the UK courts. Therefore, it’s worth checking in as quickly as possible. The faster you find out how much you could earn, the more likely that you will get your pay-out/discount quickly. Plot out a timeline with your solicitor to make sure you know what stage your claim is at.

Can a Marriage Tax Claims Solicitor help me with my claim?

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Of course we can help! Our solicitors have years of experience to help you and make sure that your claim is completely valid. We understand that tax claims can be extremely difficult to understand. Therefore it’s very likely that you may fill it out wrong. You may also make mistakes made that could invalidate the claim entirely. That’s why it’s always good to have a specialist on your side to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve. We can speak to HMRC on your behalf and answer any questions that you have. All you need to do is let us know how we can help you. We can also help you with any PPI tax claims you may have as well. So, make sure to get in contact as quickly as possible to get the compensation that you deserve.

Is Gowing Law doing anything for the Christmas Season?

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Right now, our main focus is on making sure our clients can have a successful PPI tax and Marriage tax claim. However, we also want to make sure that our clients indulge in the Christmas spirit of the season. That’s why we are also hosting a competition for the best Christmas decorations on our social media! You could end up winning a Hotel Chocolat Christmas Wreath worth £40! Have a look below to see how good this delicious prize actually is:

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To get involved in this amazing competition, send us a picture of your Christmas decorations. You can then tag us on our social media @GowingLaw. That way we can see your entry and count you as a participant. From there, we will pick a winner (and potentially some runners up) to win a fantastic prize. The competition ends on the 24th December at 12 am. So make sure to get your entries in as quickly as possible. That way you can get an extra present this Christmas. We can’t wait to see the entries.

You should also follow our social media and our newsletter. That way you can see our Christmas videos and latest content. We want to keep you entertained throughout the Christmas season. That way you can relax and enjoy the holidays whilst we sort out your claims.

Gowing Law is here to help you with Marriage Tax Claims

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Here at Gowing Law, we always aim to get you the compensation that you deserve. That’s why we already have such fantastic reviews online. We will always be happy to answer your questions and give you legal support and counselling. If you want to get in contact with us to help with your Marriage Tax Claim, we have even created a helpful form. That way you can use to fill out the basic details of your claim.

We can also give you free advice and consultations to get you started. If you are happy to move forward with your claim, we can work with you on a “no win-no fee” basis. That means there will be no hidden fees and you will always come out on top. Gowing Law is always upfront about our costs. Feel free to ask us for more information about how we can help you.

Contact us today by calling 0800 041 8350, emailing or by using our LiveChat on our contact page. One of our helpful team will then be in touch to guide you through the claims process. They can also answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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