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Today is the UK’s National Day of Reflection. It is funny realizing that an actual year has passed since the lockdown first started. Since then, life for our employees, clients and people all over the world has changed completely. This is a time where we can look back and see how far we have come. We can also take a moment to reflect on the lives of people who we have lost over the previous year. The battle has been a difficult one, but here at Gowing Law, we are confident that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

On this day, Gowing Law and our team of solicitors are reflecting on the grief that each one of us share. We have lost loved ones, friends and family. The sacrifices we have made over the last year were not in vain. Instead, it is up to us to come together as a community and remain as strong as we can for the sake of those who need us most. Our law firm would like to give thanks to the staff of essential services who have been there for the most vulnerable in their time of need.

Today we will be thinking about them and those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. Life and death are what unite us all as human beings. That’s why it’s important to take a moment to not only reflect on those who have passed, but to reach out to someone who is vulnerable and let them know that they still have people they can lean on during this difficult time.

Gowing Law is here to support you during this difficult time

Here at Gowing Law, we understand that dealing with physical and emotional trauma does not instantly go away. Instead, it takes time to heal and makes you stronger as a result. We want to let our clients know that if you need our support during this difficult time of your life, our experienced solicitors and staff will be here for you. Please feel free to use the link below to get in contact with us:

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How has the lockdown affected Gowing Law Solicitors?

It is an odd feeling to have gone circle from when the lockdown first began. There was the assumption that we would return to the office soon. However we have now gone through a full year of working remotely. Last year, this was the time we actually started advertising our PPI tax claims services. Now that April is coming up, and the new tax year is coming in, we are getting more clients that are interested in our PPI tax services. We will always help our clients with their tax claims, however it is funny to reflect on how time has passed throughout the lockdown.

We will say that our law firm has been extremely lucky when it has come to the pandemic and the current lockdown. Our staff have adapted to working from home and are still here to help clients all over the UK with their personal injury claims. It’s been difficult for everyone to get used to their new working environment, but we want to make sure that all our staff are comfortable and are still able to help as many people as possible.

Even though we are still working from home, we are endeavouring to help as many clients as possible. We understand that making any sort of injury claim during the pandemic can be intimidating. You want to stay within your home and stick to your social bubble. That way you can keep yourself and any vulnerable family members safe and secure. This is where Gowing Law solicitors can help you and provide you with advice that can help you continue to social-distance without it jeopardizing your legal claim. This includes:

Legal claim for National Day of Reflection

Covid-19 & Business Interruption Claims

Business Interruption Insurance Claim

Whilst this blog is decided to the UK’s National Day of Reflection, we want to remind our clients that our law firm is trying to take on more Covid-19 related legal cases. Over the last year, businesses have struggled to keep afloat even when they have been told to shut their doors by the UK government. This has meant that companies all over the UK have been falling into debt as they cannot make a profit. Not only does it affect the business owners themselves, but the employees who work for them.

That is why the supreme court has made a new decision about business interruption insurance. You could make a claim against your insurer for damages. Our firm can help you even if you have already been refused by your insurer. An expert solicitor can help you claim money back to help you keep your business afloat. Whilst we do not want to detract from today’s overall message, we would like to remind business owners that Gowing Law Solicitors is here to support you during this difficult time. Get in contact with us. We can help you understand what you could be owed. That way you can put the pay-out to good use for you and your employees.

National Day of Reflection: Let’s move forward together.

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The reason why today is so important is because we need to unite together. We need to remain strong for those who have experienced grief at the hands of the pandemic. Our losses unite us but there is still hope that we will keep working towards a better tomorrow. The world will never be the same, but we will be stronger, safer and together in our solidarity. Gowing Law Solicitors stands with the people who have lost so much. We will also be there to support those who are currently struggling to keep going on. Do not give up and remain vigilant.

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