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 A public accident injury claim can help you if you get hurt in an environment that is under the control of a local authority or a business owner. Naturally, now that the lock down is slowly lifting, you may be feeling a little more sociable and decide to finally meet up with friends or family in a pub. However, even in the safest pubs or drinking gardens, accidents can happen or Covid-19 could end up being inadvertently spread around the different clients of the establishment. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be careful when you visit a public area, such as a pub, restaurant or even a shop.

If you do end up getting hurt then you could be eligible for compensation if the accident was not your fault. Gowing Law Solicitors can help you with your public accident injury claim. No matter where you get hurt, our experienced solicitors in Manchester can make sure that you get the pay-out that you deserve. Find out more about accidents in pubs and compensation claims below:

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What sort of public accident injuries can I encounter in a pub?

Whether you are a customer or a member of staff, experiencing an accident in a pub or bar can be quite traumatic. You may go in thinking that you are going to have a great night out. However, you could get hurt due to a number of different hazards. Did you know that hospitality staff are actually more likely to have an accident than any other type of worker? This is because there are a lot of hazards that they may not see because they have an extremely busy work schedule.

Hazards may include:

  • A lack of training
  • Spills and unmarked puddles on the ground
  • Broken glasses
  • Hot plates and objects that can burn
  • Faulty equipment
  • Aggressive customers

If any of these hazards have affected you then you could make a claim if you did not cause them in the first place. This basically means that you are the victim of your employer’s or the pub owner’s negligence. They have broken their “duty of care” towards you. Therefore, you are entitled to make a public accident injury claim.

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How could I be eligible to make a public accident injury claim from an injury in a pub?

When you think about any type of public injury claim, the first thing you need to consider is whether or not you are at fault. This is where the duty of care comes in.

duty of care help for public accident injury claim

As you can see, the duty of care means that an employer or business owner needs to ensure that their clients and staff are safe when they are inside their public place, specifically their pub. That means all hazards need to be prevented as much as possible. This includes:

  • Training staff members
  • Cleaning up broken glasses
  • Keeping the pub environment clean and tidy
  • Making sure that food is up to standard
  • Ensuring that there are no spills or puddles on the floor

If you have got hurt due to the negligence of a pub owner or staff, it is very likely that you could claim compensation for your injuries. You did not intend to get hurt. Instead, a scenario could have played out similar to this:

case study about a public accident claim

Keep in mind that the staff member of our case study could also claim for work accident compensation. This is because they were the one that slipped because of a puddle hazard. However, Julie could still get a lot of compensation due to the extent of her burns. If these burns cause scarring or life-changing injuries then you have every right to get compensation in order to help you recover. Life-changing injuries are going to come with financial costs, such as hospital or therapy bills, as well as potential bills for any cosmetic treatments you may need to help you feel like yourself again.

Are there any other types of accidents that I could claim for in a pub?

The majority of times, when an accident happens it is normally due to spillages, dropping plate, altercations with violent/intoxicated clients or bad food. An accident in a pub can extend to any beer gardens, car parks or smoking shelters. Whether it is an internal or external environment, if you are hurt on the pub’s property then it is likely you could get compensation. Additional accidents could happen due to a lack of maintenance. For instance, if someone fell over due to a loose carpet or an uneven stair case, it is clear that the accident that happened was not due to your own negligence.

Some extra accidents that could happen include:

  • Unsafe furniture
  • Untidy doorways
  • Food poisoning and illnesses

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What sort of injuries could I suffer from due to a public accident injury at a pub?

Whether you have suffered from large or small injuries, you could make a claim if the accident was not your fault. If you have been hurt in a pub, the first thing you should do is call for an ambulance or emergency services to help you. Injuries may include:

  • Bruises, fractures and sprains
  • Broken bones
  • External and internal bleeding
  • Eye and ear damage
  • Sprained muscles or ligaments
  • Back injuries and spine damage

Once you go to hospital, your injuries will be assessed by a medical professional and you can make sure that your wounds are not any worse than they appear. You can also get a medical report to prove that you were hurt in the pub.

What should I do if I have been in an accident in a pub?

Being in any sort of accident can be quite traumatic. When you go to a pub then you expect to have a fun night, that’s why it can leave you in shock when something bad does happen. Take a look at the infographic below to get a sense of what you should do if you do end up getting hurt due to the negligence of a staff member in a pub:

accident in a pub infographic

It is important that you get the help you need to get you a pay-out you deserve. The amount of money that you get from the pay-out will depend on the extent of your injuries, the types of damages you have suffered and how much evidence that you have been able to collect.

What sort of damages can I claim for?

When you have an accident then you will have the opportunity to claim for “general damages” and “special damages”. General damages account for your pain and suffering, whilst special damages are specifically for your financial losses. Take a look below to see some more specific examples about what you could claim for:

  • Physical damages
  • Emotional/Psychological damages
  • Travel fees
  • Medical fees
  • Equipment damages

Speak to your solicitor if you want more information about these types of damages. They can help you figure out what you could be owed and how you can get compensation for your damages.

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What sort of evidence should I collect to make a public accident injury claim?

If you are going to make a public accident injury claim, you need to think about the type of evidence you are going to collect. Remember, you need to prove your losses so that you can make a settlement agreement that can be paid out of the pub’s insurance. Evidence may include:,

  • Photographs
  • CCTV footage and video evidence
  • Witness Statements and testimonies
  • Diary Entries
  • Medical Records
  • Police Reports
  • Receipts of expenses

If you bring these to your lawyer then they can help you organize them. Remember that evidence is gained during and after the accident. So, keep notes of the evidence that could prove you are not responsible for the accident. This may also include you speaking to your insurance firm about how much they would be willing to pay through a settlement agreement.

What should I do if the pub refuses to accept blame for your accident?

Not every single legal case is going to be cut and dry. Sometimes it’s going to get complicated where the pub will refuse to take responsibility for your accident. Instead, they may end up saying that you were the one to blame for what happened. If this is what you are experiencing then you should get legal help as quickly as possible. A trained solicitor can help you gather your evidence and present your medical records to the other party. If they still refuse to accept blame for the incident, and do not want to sit down for a settlement agreement, you can take them to court. Nowadays, it may end up being a remote hearing. But at least you can have a decision sorted out by a judge to see if you could get compensation for your damages.

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How much money could I get from a compensation pay-out?

This question usually gets the answer “how long is a piece of string.” The amount of money that you could get for a pay-out depends on the type of injury you have suffered. People who have had life-changing injuries may find that they are entitled to a 7 figure sum. Those who have had smaller injuries may find they only get a few hundred. The best way to get an estimate about how much you could be owed is to speak to your solicitor about the potential amount of pay-out. They can take into account your injuries, damages and any losses that you have experienced.

How long will it take to make a compensation claim?

The pandemic has caused severe delays within the UK judicial system. So it may take longer than you initially expected to make a claim. Be patient with your solicitor and ask for a timeline to help you understand how long it should take to make your case. You can also ask for regular updates from your lawyer to make sure you know exactly what is going on with your claim.

Keep in mind as well that there may end up being delays due to the backlog of court trials. Your trial may be moved to a different date. It could be a remote trial.

Should I wait to make a public accident claim?

No! You will only have around 3 years from the time of your accident to make a compensation claim. Therefore, you should give your solicitor the maximum amount of time to deal with your case. This will let them organize and move forward with your evidence. Leaving a case for too long may mean that you lose evidence or that your wounds get worse. So, get in contact with a solicitor from Gowing Law as quickly as possible.

Gowing Law is ready to help you with your public accident injury claim

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Gowing Law Solicitors are here to help you get the compensation that you deserve. We can help you through this traumatic time in your life and even represent you in court if you are feeling nervous. Start off your claim by coming to our public accident solicitors for advice and consultations. If you are happy to work with us, we can offer our services on a “no win-no fee” basis. So you will always come out on top.

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