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Today is Red Nose Day! It’s a day where we all let our hair down and relax. We know that for the last year, life has been a bit rough for everyone. With lockdown forcing people to stay at home, and Covid-19 causing worries for anyone leaving their homes for essential reasons, it is time to take a moment to simply relax and enjoy the day ahead. Forget about your problems and put on your red nose! That way you can get yourself in the spirit of Red Nose Day.

Now, normally when it comes to Red Nose Day, when we go to work we would all don on a red nose, potentially a costume and do something silly to raise money for charity. However, as the majority of us are working from home, it’s likely that you’re struggling to do anything apart from watch the TV Children in Need special. However, we can still have fun today! Even if you need to do some fundraising on your own, it’s important that you get in the holiday spirit and make sure you can create some happy smiles. Gowing Law Solicitors wants to do the same!

You would usually expect a personal injury law firm to be very serious and to the point. However, we can have a good laugh as well! That’s why this blog is going to be dedicated to some of the best law jokes on the internet. Why not let us know your own jokes on our social media? We’d love to see them.

Before we get started on our jokes, don’t forget that Gowing Law Solicitors is here to help you if you need legal assistance with your personal injury claim. You can call us on 0161 464 4444 or use our claim’s checker below:

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Red Nose Day: The Best Law Jokes!

This Red Nose Day get ready to giggle, grin or at least cringe at some of these amazing law jokes! They’re bound to make you forget your worries and enjoy the day ahead!

1. Lost Luggage

Red Nose Day Joke 1

2. A Professional Difference

Red Nose Day Joke 2


3. Religious Ties

Red Nose Day Joke 3


4. Love and Marriage

Red Nose Day Joke 4


5. Digging Deep

Red Nose Day Joke 5

Did you enjoy our jokes? We know that they can be a bit corny, but we hope they gave you a good giggle! No matter what type of solicitor you are, the ultimate goal for all legal experts is to provide justice to our clients. We are happy to have a laugh at our own expense. So, why not let us know your own lawyer jokes in the comments of our socials? We would love to hear what your best gags are!

Red Nose Day: Don’t forget to donate!

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Red Nose Day is all about making people smile in their time of need. We tell jokes, wear costumes and do fun challenges in order to raise money for charity. Don’t forget to do the same! We have included a link to Comic Relief so you can donate to children in need. That way you can make sure that they can get the support that they need. You can even do some fund raising from the comfort of your own home.

Gowing Law Solicitors also has our own charity called “Together in Football” where we endeavour to bring children together from different backgrounds to enjoy a game of football. We believe that this will build a strong sense of community and encourage children to get along. What’s even better is that we actually have Michael Owen as our brand ambassador! Click the link below to find out more.

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Before we end our blog for today, don’t forget that Gowing Law Solicitors is here to help you with your personal injury claim. We can offer you free advice and consultations to get you started. If you are happy to work with our team of experts, we can provide our services on a “no win-no fee” basis. That means you will not need to pay any hidden fees and will always come out on top.

Contact us today by calling 0161 464 4444 or email us at We also have a handy claims checker to get you in touch with our specialists as quickly as possible. You can also use our live chat if your question is urgent.

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With that said, Happy Red Nose Day!

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