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Road traffic accident claims

If you have been injured in a road  traffic accident and you believe that somebody else was at fault, you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim .

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Information about Road Traffic Accidents

You may be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation if you have been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault.

As the passenger in a vehicle which has been involved in an accident, when making a claim with Gowing Law Solicitors, your claim will be made against the fault driver’s insurance company. This is may either be the third party driver and/or the driver of the vehicle.  Whether you are a motorcyclist, pedestrian, a cyclist or a driver, your claim for compensation would be made against the fault driver’s insurance company


Types of road accidents

Car accident

The most common road traffic accidents include those where both the claimant and defendant were driving cars. As both vehicles must carry motor insurance, the two sides’ insurance companies would usually prefer to negotiate a settlement between them. It is strongly recommended that a claimant seek formal legal advice from a solicitor before accepting any such offer. Read more about car accident injury compensation claims.

Passenger injury

It is possible to claim as a passenger in a road accident. An innocent passenger is generally entitled to claim for their injuries regardless of whether they were travelling in the car that caused the accident or another vehicle. Read more about passenger injury compensation claims .

Whiplash injury

Whiplash injuries are common following even relatively minor car accidents. Compensation for whiplash is often needed by an injured driver or passenger in order to pay for necessary physiotherapy. Left untreated, soft tissue injuries like whiplash can result in long-term and permanent symptoms. Read more about whiplash injury compensation claims here.

Cycling accidents

Although cycling accidents are less common than car accidents, the injuries sustained by a cyclist injured on the road can be much more serious and varied. Proving liability can also be more complex, but it may still be possible to claim even if an injured cyclist was cycling illegally Read more about cycling accident compensation claims .

Motorbike accidents

Like bicycle accident claims, motorcycle injury claims are rarer but often much more serious. Motorcycle-related injuries can often be catastrophic, requiring significant and ongoing care. A specialist solicitor will work to ensure compensation is an accurate reflection of past, current and future care costs, in addition to an award for general damages. Read more about motorcycle accident compensation claims here.

Pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians are frequently the victim of hit-a-run accidents, and this can make claiming compensation more complex. Injuries are often much more severe than those of a car driver or passenger. Read more about pedestrian injury compensation claims here.

Benefits of Choosing Gowing Law

At Gowing Law, we specialize in medical / clinical claims. Our lawyers have a solid foundation of experience in claims, so we have the expertise needed to negotiate on your behalf.

Our no win no fee agreement ensures that you don’t absorb any financial risk associated with filing a claim. We only collect our fee if your claim is successful. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you can afford legal counsel, especially if you’re already struggling with a decrease in income. At Gowing Law, you don’t have to. Just give us the details of your case and we’ll do everything we can to get you the compensation you are owed.

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