Accident or Illness Abroad?

Holiday ruined by sickness? Call our expert legal team now.

We Brits love our holidays! In 2016, 56% of Britain’s enjoyed a holiday abroad with 53% of those holidays being a traditional package holiday. Hopefully, you enjoyed the sights and sounds of a new country or relaxed on a beautiful white beach, but if your holiday was ruined by you having an accident or illness while in resort and your holiday was a traditional package holiday, then we may be able to claim compensation for you.

At Gowing Law we have a dedicated Team to help and advise you.

  • Accident in resort;
  • Travel illness in resort;
  • Accident or injured on a plane;
  • Accident or illness on a cruise ship;

Why Choose Gowing Law for Your Travel Claim?

If you need, help and advice, talk to our dedicated Travel Team today. These are frequently complex claims to run, so make sure you are in safe hands! We will ensure that you receive the right advice from the start to make sure your case progress as smoothly as possible. In additional to claiming compensation for your injuries, we can also claim for any loss of enjoyment of your  holiday you suffered together with any financial losses including medical or treatment costs.

All of this service is available under your no win no fee agreement. Call now for advice on 0161 808 8888.


What should I do next?

Please provide us with a complete set of your booking documents together with details of any excursions or activities you were unable to take part in as a consequence of your injuries. If you have any other evidence regarding the circumstances of your accident/injury, or the impact of your injuries you have had on your holiday, pleas speak with us today.

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