Car Accidents


Have you suffered from a whiplash injury after being involved in a car accident? Suddenly being jolted backwards in your seat following an accident can result in you suffering an injury to your neck, shoulders and back. Typically, these injuries resolve over a matter of a few months but occasionally they may last longer.

We will arrange a convenient, medical examination for you but it is also important that you are checked out by your own doctor to make sure that no more serious injuries have been suffered. At Gowing Law we can help you access a full range of rehabilitation treatments including physiotherapy with no upfront costs, so contact us on 0161 808 8888 for further advice today.

Were you a passenger? If so, we can help you claim against whichever driver was at fault regardless of whether that was the driver of the other vehicle or your own.

Benefits of Using Gowing Law for Your Car Accident Claim

Talk to one of our dedicated Road Traffic Accident Teams for the specialist help and advice you need. We will ensure that you have access to a quick and convenient medical appointment and can also help you access a full range of rehabilitation services.

In additional to your injuries, we can claim for the cost of repairs to your car (or policy excess) and the value of any other damaged property or losses including the full cost of any rehabilitation treatment received and any other associated losses e.g. policy excess, travel costs etc.


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