Motorbike Accidents

Serious injuries are common in motorbike accidents, and you may need more than medical care to recover.

Government statistics show there are approximately 20,000 motorbike accidents reported to the police each year with nearly 28% of these involving serious injuries or sadly being fatal. Not all accidents are properly reported and so the true number of all motorbike accidents may be significantly higher.

Due to their very nature, the injuries suffered by bikers are frequently serious and the injured biker often requires a degree of care and support for a period of time.


Why Choose Gowing Law to Fight Your Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Gowing Law has a dedicated Serious Injury Team to offer you the specialist help and advice you frequently need in these cases. These cases are complex so your claim needs to be in the right hands. We will ensure that you are seen by the most experienced medical experts to help ensure that you are compensated for the full impact that your injuries have had on all aspects of your life. We can also help you access a full range of rehabilitation services.

In additional to your injuries, we can claim for the cost of repairs to your bike and the value of any other damaged property including specialist kit/clothing together with the full cost of your rehabilitation, care and treatment costs. We can also help you recover any lost earnings.


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