Accident in a public place?

Have you injured yourself while out and about?

If you have been injured and reasonable steps have not been taken to keep the area free from defects and reasonably safe, then you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries that you suffered.

Still injured? Let us arrange a course of treatment e.g. physiotherapy on your behalf.

At Gowing Law we have a dedicated Team to help and advise you.

  • Slip, trip or fall in a public place;
  • Hit by a falling object;
  • Injured on defective property or equipment


Why Choose Gowing Law for your Public Liability claim?

Gowing Law has a dedicated Public Liability Team to offer you the specialist help and advice you need in these frequently complex cases. We will ensure that you have access to the most experienced doctors when preparing the medical evidence we need to win your claim. We can also help you access a full range of rehabilitation services.

In additional to your injuries, we can claim for any financial loss suffered including loss of earnings, the value of any damaged property together with the full cost of your rehabilitation .

All of this service is available under your no win no fee agreement. Call now for advice on 0161 808 8888.


Not Sure if You’re Eligible for a Claim?

Not sure who was responsible for the accident? Leave the details to us! We’ll take a comprehensive look at the facts of your case and give you an honest assessment free of charge. Don’t give up before finding out if you have a case.

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