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Work accident claims tend to be related to physical accidents that cause major damages that employees need time to recover from. It’s completely natural to assume that if you are looking for compensation, it is going to be for a wound that will change your life for the worse. That’s why when employees start suffering from long-term health ailment that take years to develop, there may be some worry about whether or not these could count as a work accident.

Developing arthritis can be classified as a work accident, depending on the job you have and the type of activities that you undertake. Just like repetitive strain injuries, these injuries take time to appear. Unfortunately, a lot of employees will try to ignore their symptoms and will think that they will get better in time. Unfortunately, this is never the case and they may become worse if they are not seen to by a doctor. Arthritis is the type of injury that eventually can just make you snap because of the pain that builds up day-to-day. It is a complicated type of claim, but Gowing Law Solicitors can help you get compensation for your injuries.

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What sort of Work Accidents are there?

Before we speak about arthritis in particular, let’s have a quick chat about work accident claims in general. Work accidents can appear over a long period of time, or they can appear immediately and cause serious damages both physically and emotionally. When you suffer from large injuries, it’s likely that this has been due to the negligence of your employer. It is their responsibility to ensure that their employees are safe, especially during a time like the pandemic. That is why many businesses have closed to protect their employees and are now trying to claim for their business interruption insurance.

Your employer is responsible for providing safety training, a clean work-environment, reasonable working hours and breaks. That way you can feel safe when you go to work, but also feel confident that any work accidents do occur, you will be looked after and that your work place’s insurer will cover them and you for your damages. That way you can avoid some of the most common work place accidents. Take a look at the infographic below to get a better idea of how you could get hurt at work:

Work Accident Infographic

These are only a few examples of the types of work accidents you could fall victim too. The extent of these accidents depends on your employer’s negligence. If they have neglected their employees and have refused to provide them with a safe work space and appropriate training, they could be liable for their damages. They have not adhered to their “duty of care”, therefore you could be owed compensation for your damages. That’s why it’s essential for you to get your wounds checked out by a medical professional before you go to your solicitor about compensation.

Alerting your employees about work accident claims

Work Accident Claims: Arthritis and Compensation

Initially, arthritis accident claims may seem complicated. After all, it’s not an immediate claim that has obvious physical symptoms. Instead, it may take time for the symptoms to emerge and start causing you a problem. You could still claim compensation for these injuries if you can directly prove that the activities you did at work were directly responsible for the injuries you have experienced in the future.

Arthritis itself is where the ligaments and joints stiffen up and become tender and easily-swollen due to the cartilage rubbing together. This normally comes from repetitive movements from the workplace. For instance, if you operate a production line or are an office worker, it is likely that you are going to be do the same tasks over and over again. That means you’re going to be using certain areas of your body more than other areas. This could eventually make the area stiffen up, especially if you are having very few breaks. If you show evidence that your work routine has caused your arthritis, such as through a doctor’s report, then you could be eligible to make a compensation claim.

Common ways of getting Arthritis

Which workers are the most likely to experience arthritis?

When it comes to work accidents, it’s important to understand that each worker is going to be at risk of difficult things. For instance, someone who works on a construction site is more likely to experience an accident due to machinery rather than someone who works in a school, shop or office. The same applies to those who end up developing Arthritis. It depends entirely on the type of work tasks you encounter and how repetitive they are. The following workers should be aware that they are at risk of developing arthritis if their employer does not provide them with regular breaks and scheduling:

  • Storage Workers
  • Factory Workers
  • Farmers
  • Office Employees
  • Mechanics
  • Miners
  • Carpet Fitters
  • Drivers of Heavy Vehicles
  • Production Line Operators

How to protect yourself from developing Arthritis?

No matter what area of work you specialize in, it is up to your employer to ensure that you are kept safe and secure during your work hours. This is due to the fact that they owe you a “duty of care.” Now, they may have already taken out employers liability insurance to protect their business in case there is an accident, however they still need to make sure you are protected and treated properly when you are on the clock.

The first thing your employer should do is inform you about the risks, exposures and dangers of your line of work. That way the risks can be minimized effectively and you can keep aware of them. You should also be provided with training with all the equipment that you will be using on the job. If you are in a high-risk area, you should also be provided with PPE (like gloves, goggles, helmets and support belts). Your employer should also provide you with a proper work schedule that means you have breaks and are able to take up different tasks throughout the day. That way you can avoid repetitious tasks that could strain your hands and body. Your employer may even choose to rotate you and other employees on a schedule to ensure that everyone gets regular breaks.

If they fail to adhere to any of these safety standards, and you do end up getting hurt or developing Arthritis, they could be guilty of negligence. That means that you could be eligible to make a work accident claim.

How much compensation could I claim

What should I do if I suffer from Arthritis due to my job?

If you do end up struggling due to your Arthritis, the first thing that you need to establish is that it developed due to the negligence of your employer. For instance, they may have had you perform repetitive tasks that increased the likelihood of you developing that a long-term injury. You will need to build up evidence around this negligence claim, including going to your doctor for a medical report. You will also need to establish what damages you received due to your Arthritis, such as:

  • Physical Damages
  • Emotional Damages
  • Financial Damages
  • Technology Damages
  • Loss of Opportunity

The more damages that have happened to you, the higher your compensation pay-out is going to be. Don’t be afraid to speak to your solicitor about what you could be owed as a pay-out. Even with long-term injuries, you deserved to be compensated from your damages. Make sure to keep track of your evidence in order to back up your claim. This can include photographs, videos, witness statements, receipts, diary entries and communication with the other party.

How long will it take me to make a Work Accident Compensation Claim?

You will have around 3 years from the time your accident took place to make a claim. Now, this can be a little more complicated with long-term illness/injury claims, so you should pinpoint the time the problem occurred and how long it has been hurting you. It’s essential that you get in contact with a solicitor as quickly as possible to establish your claim. Due to the pandemic, there have been delays in the UK court system and a backlog of court cases. It may take longer than expected to get your pay-out, depending on the complexity of your case. Speak to your solicitor for more information and for a time-line about how your case should unfold if everything goes to plan.

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