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Gowing Law Solicitors is one of the finest law firms in the UK. We are proud to be fighting legal cases for those who have been injured in accidents that are not their fault. Whether you have been hurt in a personal injury, an accident at work or perhaps a traffic accident, we will always fight to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

We are proud to be working with Michael Owen as the face of our brand. He is a man who overcame the odds and fought back against his injuries. Owen pushed through the pain to become a winner for his team. We want to become the winners for you in your time of need. Put your case in our hands and you will always get an outcome that makes you happy. Even if you do not get a successful outcome, our “no win-no fee” policy will make sure that you do not pay any fees for our services.

Our main aim is to get you the justice and compensation that you deserve. With Michael Owen spearheading our projects, we are confident that we can reach out to everyone who needs our help in the UK.

Four years of collaboration

For the last four years we have had the honour of working with Michael Owen on a wide range of projects. He is a man that brims with confidence and truly is an inspiration to everyone in the office. Check out this video of when he visited us!

Michael shares the same values, passion and drive as the solicitors that work for Gowing Law. As you can see from his twitter page, he is an extremely supportive person and is always ready to help people. He provides the voice and confidence to send our message around the country. That way we can help as many people as possible. UK law can be complicated, that’s why Gowing Law will always be on hand to make sure you understand it, and what sort of compensation you could claim if you have been injured or have become a victim of financial mis-selling.

Although the present day is tense due to the Covid-19 and violent protests, we are confident that we will be able to help you through this difficult time. The same way that football is now coming back to the stadiums, we are still working remotely to help you. Feel free to check out our blog page for more information about UK law and compensation.

Working with Winners: Michael Owen

BT Sport

Gowing Law has always strived for perfection when it comes to working together with our clients. That’s why we collaborate with the best of the best. Michael Owen is known as a the boy wonder of his time. This was because he won the Balon d’or, one of the most prestigious achievements for a footballer, and was voted “the best footballer in the world.” These are no easy feats and Michael Owen should be commended for his contribution to the world of sport as a whole.

Working with Michael has truly been an honour for everyone here at Gowing Law Solicitors. We are proud to have him on our team and to have him as the face of our brand. It is clear our collaboration is set to continue on for many years to come and we are looking forward to what the future holds for our partnership.

together in football foundation

Here at Gowing Law, we always strive for excellence. It is only through our actions that we can make the world a better place. Not only do we want to get you justice in the legal system, we want to have an impact on the lives of other people, in particular on the well-being of children.

That is why we have worked hard with Michael Owen to set up the “Together in Football Foundation”. This football foundation brings together children of different backgrounds to enjoy a game of football together in professional stadiums. Everyone is equal on the playing field, making it the perfect place to create lasting friendships and a strong united team spirit. If you are interested in getting involved or have a connection to football venues, please click on the link above for more information. We would love to have as many people as possible involved!

Fun Radio Advertisements: Working together with Michael Owen & Communicorps

We have already collaborated with Michael Owen on a number of commercials in the past. We understand that the world of law is not exactly the most fun topic, however with Michael’s help we have been able to turn personal injury law and traffic accident law topic on their head. Take a look at them below!

Yes, we will admit that our advertisements were a little cheeky. Michael enjoyed our “tongue in cheek” moments and had a lot of fun working with our crew and team to produce these advertisements. That is why we have now taken things a step further and are working with both him and Communicorps to produce radio adverts that will go on a number of famous news stations, like Smooth FM, Heart FM and XS. Make sure to listen out for them! Here’s a sneak preview of them below:

We would like to take a moment to thank Communicorps and Michael Owen for their support and collaboration. We have truly enjoyed working together with them and are confident that we will see many additional successful collaborations in the future.

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