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“What do I do if my landlord won’t fix anything?” That’s a question Gowing Law Solicitor receives quite regularly from its clients who are looking into Housing Disrepair Claims. It makes sense. After all, if your landlord had decided to fix the damages in your home at an earlier date, it is very likely that you would not be interested in claiming compensation. Your landlord is responsible for the upkeep of your home. That’s why if something does go wrong, they need to be the ones who fix it. If they fail to do this then they are not upholding the standards of their own code of conduct. Therefore they are guilty of negligence.

Even during the pandemic, your landlord was responsible for keeping your house in a safe and habitable condition. If they fail to do this, it’s time for you to come to Gowing Law Solicitors for help. We can offer personalized advice and free consultations. That way you can make sure you have all the information you need before you start your claim. To learn more, call our law firm at 0800 041 8350 or click on the button to learn more:

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Housing Disrepair Claims: What sort of housing disrepairs are there?

Before we jump into more information about problematic landlords, let’s take a brief moment to discuss what could actually go wrong in your home. If you are living in rented council housing or accommodation from the housing association, your landlord is responsible for the majority of external and internal structures and equipment. If any of it breaks down then your landlord needs to be the one to have it fixed. Take a look below at some:

Landlord responsibilities for Housing Disrepair Claims

When your landlord rents you a property, it is their responsibility to ensure that it meets the health & safety standards. Failure to do so means that they are ultimately acting negligently and are putting their tenants at risk. You don’t deserve to live in a residence that could mean that could be the cause of your personal injuries. Instead, you need to live in a place that means that you and your family can be comfortable. If you notice any disrepairs in your home, alert your landlord as quickly as possible. This should be through writing and electronic/phone correspondence. From there you need to document the evidence, including taking photos and videos of the disrepairs. Your landlord can then visit to see the damages for themselves or send over a repair worker to assess them for themselves. The repairs can then be sorted and you can relax.

Just in case you did not want to read all of that, here is the quick rundown of what you should do:

Housing Disrepair Claims help

Housing Disrepair Claims: What problems can I run into with my landlord?

Not all landlords are going to be as accommodating as others. In an ideal world, your landlord would take a look at the disrepairs as quickly as possible and get them sorted. Unfortunately, not all landlords are going to be that helpful. Whilst you need to give your landlord enough notice to actually get the disrepairs sorted, there are other times when your landlord may simply leave the disrepairs to get worse. You should give them about a month to get them sorted. However, you should ask to be kept updated about how the repairs are going.

It’s okay to feel naturally intimidated by your landlord. After all, they are the owners of your house and you may feel worried that they may not take you seriously. However, as you are paying them rent, and they are in a contract with you, they need to make sure that you are living in a habitable environment. They cannot evict you for making a housing disrepair claim or for asking for a repair to be fixed. However, there are ways that your landlord could act negligently in regards to your housing disrepairs:

Landlord negligence for housing disrepair claims

As you can see, there are a fair few ways that you could experience negligence at the hands of your landlord. If your landlord refuses to help you get your damages sorted, it’s time for you to speak to a specialist at Gowing Law Solicitors. Our team of expert housing disrepair lawyers are here to work with your landlord to get the disrepairs fixed and your compensation in your pocket. If you are intimidated by your landlord, your solicitor will speak to them on your behalf. That way you do not have to interact with them directly. Instead you can sit back and wait for the repairs to be completed.

Housing Disrepair Claims and contracts

Housing Disrepair Claims: What should I do if my landlord won’t fix the repairs in my home?

Don’t panic! We know it can be worrying if your landlord refuses to help you with your disrepairs. But that’s why our solicitors will be there to help you get started on your housing disrepair claim. Keep in mind that you will have to give your landlord some notice about the disrepairs before you speak to a solicitor. If you have already done this and have not heard anything back from your landlord, it is time for you to make a claim with an experienced law firm.

Your solicitor will provide you advice and consultations to get you started on your claim. That way you can figure out for yourself whether or not you want to move forward, as well as understand your eligibility for this type of claim. You will be able to move forward if your housing disrepair claim falls into at least one of these three categories:

Housing Disrepair Claim Eligibility

There is a chance that you could fall into all of these categories, depending on the extent of your damages. Take for instance, your house was suffering from a mould issue. If it is primarily located in one room, it may make that room completely inaccessible. That means that you are suffering from inconvenience. The mould may have also spread to your clothes or any property that is covered in fabric. This is damage to belongings. If you suffer from asthma, the mould may have made it difficult to breath. Therefore, you needed to go to the hospital for treatment. This is a personal injury. Let your solicitor know all of the details of your claim and they will be able to help you.

Once you have decided to hold your landlord responsible for the disrepairs in your home, your solicitor will follow this process to ensure that you can claim compensation and have your damages taken care of:

Gowing Law Assessor Steps

Ultimately, your landlord is responsible for any damages in your home. Housing Disrepair Claims are there to make sure they are held accountable if you do end up getting hurt or living in an unsafe environment. It was not your fault that you ended up living in a home that was damaged. Instead, your landlord needs to ensure that it kept up to standard. That way, you can feel comfortable undertaking your daily routine within your house. Your solicitor can speak to your landlord on your behalf if you are worried that they will get violent or will not co-operate with you. So, try not to worry about getting your disrepairs sorted!

Gowing Law Solicitors can help with Housing Disrepair Claims

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If you are feeling confident about Housing Disrepair Claims, it’s time for you to get in contact with Gowing Law Solicitors. We are ready to take on your case and help you get your house repaired. Not only can we offer personalized advice and free consultations to get you started, if you decide to work with our team, we can offer our services on a “no win-no fee” basis. That means you will never have to pay any hidden fees. Therefore, you will always come out on top.

Contact Gowing Law Solicitors today to get started on your claim. Call on 0800 041 8350, email or visit our claims checker. One of the members of our team will then be in touch to help you with your housing disrepair claim.

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