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Gowing Law – Loyalty Bonus Scheme


At Gowing Law we value our loyal customers. That’s why we like to give something back. If you were happy with our service, why not recommend us to your friends and family. If you do and we take on a successful case, we will give you £300.

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Friend/Family Member Details

Accident Details

I have express permission from the customer to pass on their details to you and the customer is aware they will be receiving a call from Gowing Law Solicitors


1. These terms and conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions in relation to this scheme.

2. Subject to compliance with all the terms of this Agreement, Gowing Law Solicitors will, at their discretion, pay you a fee for recommending clients to the firm.

3. The fee will be –

(a) £300 for road traffic accidents, accidents at work, clinical negligence, accidents abroad, slip and trips;

(b) £300 per Hair & Beauty Claim

These sums may be amended from time to without notice at the absolute discretion of Gowing Law Solicitors

4. In personal injury cases, no fee shall be payable to you until 28 days after –

(a) an unequivocal admission of liability (both negligence and causation) has been made in respect of the client’s claim by the other side’s insurers and,

(b) if applicable, payment of the Stage 1 fee under the Ministry of Justice Claims Portal scheme has been received by us.

(c) A medical report, compiled by the nominated expert has been received.

5. In Hair and Beauty claims , payment will be made within 14 days of Gowing law having received legal fees.

6. The client must contact Gowing Law Solicitors directly. We are prohibited by law from making payment if you supply the client details to us.

7. You are an individual established client of the firm and are not acting in the course of any business when making a recommendation. You are not involved in claims management. The scheme will apply only to your personal friends and family.

8. You will not recommend any clients to us who have been identified by your advertising, or producing any publicity in relation to, Gowing Law Solicitors and you will not cold call potential clients.

9. Gowing Law Solicitors’s advice to any recommended client will be impartial and not affected or influenced by the recommendation by you. Our duty of confidentiality prevents us from providing you with any information relating to clients, including those whom you have referred to us.

10. Gowing Law Solicitors will inform clients when a fee has been paid to you.

11 You agree to inform the recommended client that you have an agreement with us under which you will receive a fee and the amount of that fee.

13. Gowing Law Solicitors cannot make any payment to you in cases where –

(a) the client is under 18,

(b) in personal injury, the claim is Small Claim as defined in the Civil Procedure Rules,

(c) the client will receive Legal Aid, nor

(d) in criminal proceedings (including motor offences).

14. Gowing Law Solicitors may terminate this agreement at any time. The agreement will be automatically terminated if the retainer with the client is terminated either by the client or by us.


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