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Public accidents can happen at any time and in any place. With the shops re-opening and strange winter weather ahead, we just want to take a moment to remind our clients and blog visitors to keep safe during the colder days of the year. Snow is fun and looks beautiful when you are staring out from a window, however, if you plan to go out to enjoy the re-opening of the shops, it’s important that you stay as safe as possible. Snow tracked into stores could be a slipping hazard. Worse still, if you plan on driving in the snow, there is a chance that you could become the victim of a road traffic accident.

If you do end up getting hurt because of a public accident, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim. Our solicitors can provide you advice to get you started and help you understand what sort of pay-out you could be owed. Call our law firm on 0161 464 4444 or use our public accidents claims page below:

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Public Accidents: Why should I be aware of the snow?

Now, in terms of public accidents, the first thing we would like to say is that you should not fear the snow. An occasional snow day is nothing to worry about. You just have to be cautious about how you move around outside and go into public venues. With non-essential shops now opening up, it’s very likely that there is going to be social-distancing policies in place to prevent too many people being indoors at the same time. However, bringing snow inside a shop can still cause a variety of hazards. This is not even covering the idea of road traffic accidents due to the snow.

It is likely the snow will cause slippery surfaces, especially if it freezes over or causes wet roads. In these conditions, you will need to avoid driving at high speeds and make sure that you keep a safe distance from other drivers. That way if you do lose control of your vehicle, you will not be affecting other people and can steer yourself to safety.

Foreseeable risk and public accidents

What sort of public accidents can happen due to the snow?

If you are thinking about going out to the stores today, make sure to take care if you go out in the snow. The more precautions you take, the more likely that you will enjoy your experience when you go out to the stores for the first time in months. When you go to any store (or public venue) they people who own the venue owe you (as the customer) a “duty of care”. That means they have to do everything reasonable to ensure that you are kept safe during the time you are in their venue.

Now, snow can cause extremely slippery surfaces, especially if there are a high number of people trying to walk on the same surface. The employees of the store or venue should be doing everything possible to ensure that the surfaces are kept clean and dry. They should also be putting out warning signs to mark slippery surfaces. That way customers can be notified and ensure that they take precautions when they enter the store.

Here are some examples of public accidents that can happen within a store:

Public Accidents list infographic

If the store does not take necessary precautions to protect you from these type of accidents, they could be liable for your damages. You don’t just have to claim for physical damages. Instead, you can also claim for emotional, financial and technology damages. You can also claim for loss of opportunity. This includes losing out on a promotion at work because you have to claim for sick leave.

Speak to your solicitor about any injuries you have suffered. These injuries can be due to the snow or from a public accident inside of a store. They can help you understand how much you could be owed for your damages.

Bad weather and public accident claims

Road traffic accidents & snow weather

Another thing that could happen when you are on your way to the store is an accident on the road. Recently, due to the lockdown, it is very likely that you have been experiencing less traffic on the roads. However, with the shops re-opening, it’s very likely that if you go on the road there may be an influx of cars, bikes and pedestrians on the streets. That means you are going to have be extra careful how you drive, especially if you are experiencing snowy weather.

Bad “winter” weather, even in spring, could cause you problems. This is true especially if you are driving a large vehicle and end up being unable to control it. Not only could it reduce the visibility of vulnerable vehicles on the road, but it could make the vehicle more different to manoeuvre to a safe point.

It’s important to watch out for aggressive drivers during winter weather. If they are speeding, try to hang back and give them some space. By driving quickly, it is likely that you could experience a collision. If this has happened to you then you could be eligible for compensation due to their negligence. Speak to a solicitor as soon as possible if you have become the victim of a car accident.

car accident claim

What should I do if I have been involved in an accident?

No matter what type of public accidents you have been involved in, it’s important that you receive medical assistance as soon as possible. That way if you have been badly hurt, you can be treated quickly. If you can collect evidence at the scene of the accident, that will help your compensation claim. Just remember that if you have been involved in a car accident, you should also collect the other party’s insurance details.

You should focus on collecting the following evidence:

  • Photographs
  • Videos/CCTV/Dash Cam footage
  • Witness Statements
  • Medical Reports
  • Police Reports
  • Receipts
  • Correspondence
  • Diary Entries

If you are struggling to collect your evidence, feel free to come to your solicitor for help. They can help you figure out what you can get. That way you can increase the amount of compensation that you could be owed.

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If you have been hurt in any type of public accident, feel free to come to Gowing Law for help. Our law firm can provide you the support you need throughout this difficult time. We understand that going through a physical injury can make you feel vulnerable. You may also feel unsure about what is going to happen in the future. That’s why our solicitors are here to help you. They can provide you with free advice and consultations to get you started. If you are happy to move forward with your claim, our solicitors can work with you on a “no win – no fee” basis. That means you will always come out on top and will never need to pay any hidden fees.

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