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During the winter months and Christmas period, it’s going to get increasingly cold, dark and dangerous. Whilst you think about whether or not you are going to go to your office’s Christmas party, the last thing you want to endure this holiday season is a housing disrepair. Housing disrepairs can put you and your family at risk of injuries, inconvenience and damage to all of your belongings, especially if you are suffering from damaged roofing. When you suffer from roof disrepairs, you may feel as though your home’s structure is slowly falling apart. You may also feel angry that your landlord is refusing to help you get the disrepairs sorted out.

This is where Gowing Law Solicitors can step in to help you. Our solicitors are determined to assist you to get the compensation and repairs that you deserve. We are always ready to provide you advice and consultations to help you make a decision on how you want to move forward with your claim. Call us on 0800 041 8350 or use our website below:

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What do I need to know about housing disrepairs?

The first thing that you need to understand about any type of housing disrepairs is that they are about areas of your home being exposed to damages. When you enter into a contract with your landlord about a council house or property from the housing association, they need to ensure your safety whilst you live in it. This is known as a “duty of care”. If they fail to adhere to this, and you end up hurt or your home suffers from disrepairs, you could be owed compensation up to £20,000. This type of compensation claim is known as a housing disrepair claim. You could claim it if you have suffered from:

  • Personal injuries
  • Damaged belongings
  • Inconvenience

Your landlord should ensure that you can live in your residence safely without worry that you will end up getting hurt. You should give your landlord around 1 months’ notice to get the disrepair sorted. Make sure to follow this process to make sure you can prove that you did everything you could to get your landlord to get the disrepairs sorted out:

What should I do if I have housing disrepairs

You should never fund the repair work of the disrepairs. As you are only a tenant and do not own the property. Your landlord is responsible for the upkeep of your house. Therefore, if they fail to help you and the house gets worse, you could be owed compensation for the damages. Examples of negligence can include your landlord ignoring your complaints or your landlord demanding that you pay for the damages. There may even be times that your landlord attempts to fix your damages but ends up making them worse. Either way, they are guilty of negligence and you could be owed compensation.

Broken roofs and housing disrepairs

Damaged Roofs & Housing Disrepairs: What problems can they cause?

Having a damaged roof can end up putting you and your family in a nightmare situation. Normally, when you think about roofs, you think about the outside of it being a problem. You may have broken tiles or holes in your roof. This, in turn, could present structural issues that could affect the entire stability of your home. However, you could also experience:

  • Leaks that lead to puddles of water
  • Mould, damp and mildew
  • Broken electrical wires and systems
  • Personal injuries due to falling bricks and slate

Your roof or chimneys could collapse due to age, structural issues or due to the bad weather. If it falls inside your home, there is a chance that it could also damage the furniture, especially if there is dust, broken insulation and any plaster that is broken. You may also find that a roof collapse could also cause a ceiling collapse, especially if the roof or ceiling is rotting. You may find that your house is completely uninhabitable if it is suffering from a damaged roof or ceiling. That’s why it’s crucial that you seek help as quickly as possible to have it fixed.

Top Tips for Housing Disrepair Claims

Housing Disrepairs: What sort of injuries could you suffer from damaged roofing?

When your house suffers from roofing damages, there is a chance that you could experience a range of personal injuries. A damaged roof can affect more than just the tiling. After all, it can also let in rain that can create puddles, mould and damp. It can also ruin electrical work and destroy personal belongings and equipment. Some of the most common injuries from damaged roofing include:

Injuries from roof accidents and housing disrepairs

Unfortunately, having these sort of disrepairs can lead to you and your family getting injured. Holes in your roof can let in the cold, which does not bode well during the winter time. Your house may get extremely cold and you may end up getting sick more frequently. If you use a personal heater that connects to your electricity, you may find that your power bills may end up increasing. That means it is likely that you will end up experiencing financial damages as well as personal injuries.

Landlord Obligations & Housing Disrepairs : Roof Disrepairs

You are entitled to be able to live in a warm and comfortable home. That means if there is a serious disrepair when it comes to your roof, your landlord needs to get it repaired as soon as possible. There is a chance that loose tiles or bricks could injure people walking near your house, as well as your friends or family.

You don’t deserve to be left in the cold at Christmas time due to your landlord’s negligence. Your solicitor can help you make a housing disrepair claim against your landlord. Your landlord is required to make sure your house is habitable. If you do not have heat due to the disrepairs in your roof, or you are having constant leaks that could hurt you or your family, you need them repaired. You may even be owed compensation for your inconvenience, if your belongings are damaged or if you have experienced personal injuries.

You can expect the following process if you decide to make a housing disrepair claim:

Assessor Steps for Housing Disrepairs

Your solicitor will handle any tricky paperwork and will speak to your landlord on your behalf. That way if you are feeling nervous about your claim or not confident about doing it, you will have a legal expert there to assist you. You deserve to have your disrepairs sorted as quickly as possible.

Gowing Law Solicitors can help with Damaged Roofing Claims

Housing Disrepairs Website

Here at Gowing Law Solicitors, we are determined to help you have a comfortable Christmas this year. No housing disrepair should be in your way of a comfortable Christmas. That’s why our lawyers are here to support you through this difficult time. We can offer free advice and consultations to get you started. If you are happy to move forward with your case, we can work with you on a “no win-no fee” basis. That means you will always come out on top as you will never have to pay any hidden fees.

Get in contact with Gowing Law Solicitors today by calling 0800 041 8350, emailing or by using our claim’s checker. We will then be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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