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Beauty injury compensation can be awarded to anyone who has suffered from an injury whilst undergoing some sort of beauty treatment. This can include hairdressing accidents or injuries in nail salons, tanning booths or massage parlours. Whether you have suffered only cuts and bruises from a trip or a fall, or perhaps have had a life-changing injury, if you can prove that you were not responsible for your losses, it is likely that you will receive a compensation pay-out.

Gowing Law Solicitors are experts when it comes to beauty injury compensation claims. That’s why our expert lawyers in Manchester are here to help claimants from all over the UK. Start your journey by taking a look at our beauty claims page for more information:

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Beauty Injury Compensation: What is salon negligence?

Now, when you go to any sort of beauty salon, you expect top-notch service when it comes to the skills of the beauticians. However, due to an over-saturation of the beauty market, sometimes you may be put into the hands of a beautician who has not had the experience needed to provide safe and satisfactory treatment. As a business, a beauty salon owes their customers and workers a “duty of care”. This means that all of their services need to be of professional standard and have the customer’s safety in mind.

duty of care beauty compensation claims help

To claim damages, it is necessary for you to prove that the salon you went to (or their employees) broke their duty of care towards you. That is why you were hurt in the first place. So, how do you show that they were negligent? If your beautician caused your injuries by being inattentive, forgetting to take safety precautions or just through having a lack of experience. There is a chance you could have a claim.

You also need to keep an eye on the actions taken by the employees. Before you had your treatment, were you asked to sign a consent form or perhaps asked about allergies or whether or not you had skin that was sensitive to different products? If you didn’t, it shows that the employees of the salon did not take the time to personalize your treatment or learn about what could have affected your skin. If you’re confused by this, take a look at our case study below:

Case Study: Casey Cuticle

casey cuticle case study of beauty compensation claims

Casey suffered bad services, which unfortunately cannot be sued for compensation. But her finger did swell due to the chemicals in the nail polish. Not being asked to sign a waiver meant that Casey was not aware of what the treatment was actually going to entail. This means that she was not at fault for not being able to disclose that she had sensitive skin. If this rash and swelling required hospital treatment, it is very likely that she could ask for compensation for both her physical injuries and financial losses.

If you are in a similar situation then you should try and claim compensation for your damages. It is your right if you are not at fault for your injuries. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will lose evidence. Things may even get worse the longer you wait. That’s why you need to seek legal advice as quickly as possible.

Will I be financially effecting the business if I claim compensation?

Do you feel nervous about claiming compensation? That makes sense. After all, it may be your usual salon and normally the staff members are very good at their jobs. You would not want to put any business in danger of losing money. This is one of the more common reasons why most claimants do not go after compensation.

However, it is important for you to consider what you will be losing out on if you do this. You will not be putting the salon in jeopardy. Accidents happen to the best of businesses, which is why they take out salon insurance and employer liability insurance. These insurances will make sure that the salon does not need to pay with their own money if an accident happens. Instead, they can go to their insurer to assist with the payment. You will not be inflicting any financial damages if you do ask for compensation.

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Covid-19 & Beauty Salons: What are the dangers?

As we all know, beauty salons have actually been closed with the outbreak of Covid-19. However, they are set to re-open on the 27th July. That means you can finally re-visit your favourite parlour to be pampered. However, amongst the celebrations that business can open once more, you may be feeling a little nervous. Covid-19 has not just vanished. This means that there have to be safety procedures to protect you and employees from getting sick. Otherwise, this would either be classified as a work accident or perhaps a public accident.

These are the type of changes that you can expect when you visit a beauty salon in the future:

  • Visor and mask use when indoors
  • Socially distanced tables and waiting lines
  • Sanitizer stations
  • Consistent cleaning
  • Decontamination of equipment and work stations
  • Temperature checks
  • Staggered opening and closing times

If you see a salon that is not following Covid-19 safety regulations, you should make them aware of this as quickly as possible.

What type of injuries can I get from a salon accident?

Every accident is different. Some may only result in small injuries, like cuts and bruises, but in serious cases the injuries can be life-changing. It entirely depends on the type of accident you have suffered and the type of medical treatment that you require:

beauty injuries infographic

As you can see from our infographic, there are a large number of injuries that you can suffer from. These can range from non-serious to life-changing. Some people may have only small cuts or bruises, but others may have had a hairdressing accident that meant loss of hair or chemical burns that left the skin scarred or blistered.

If you are looking to make a claim, before you collect evidence, make sure to consider how bad your injuries are. You must prioritize your health above anything else. That means that if you need medical assistance or need to go to hospital then you should go immediately. Collect evidence later when a medical professional has seen you. Don’t let your injuries get any worse.

How bad do my injuries need to be make a claim?

Most claimants do not come forward for their compensation because they believe that their injuries are severe enough to get compensation. Well, this is certainly not the case. If you have been hurt due to the negligence of a beauty salon or their employees then you have the right to claim for compensation. It does not matter how small the injury is. Having an experienced lawyer onside can help you understand whether or not you have a claim. They can also tell you if it is worth it to pursue a claim in the first place. That way you can make sure that you do not waste your own money or time.

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What sort of losses can I claim for beauty injury compensation?

This is where things can get a bit tricky in your compensation claim. Normally, when you think about the damages that you have experienced from your injury, you think about the physical injury itself. Now, this does make up part of your compensation claim. However, it can also cover you for other types of damages/losses as well. This includes:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Financial losses (i.e. wages, payment for the treatment)
  • Medical losses (i.e. costs of rehabilitation centres and medical pills)
  • Equipment damages (i.e. if you broke any of your personal belongings)

So, when you are considering what you can claim for, make sure to think outside of just your injuries. For instance, if you were the victim of a violent staff member in a beauty salon, you may feel too scared to leave your house. This may have caused you to pay for cognitive therapy. It’s important that you consider you entire situation rather than just the accident itself. If you can prove the employee/salon was responsible for your losses, you could be owed a larger amount of compensation.

What evidence do I need to claim beauty injury compensation?

As you now know exactly what you can claim for, you also need to consider the type of evidence you are going to need to back up your claim. Evidence is needed to prove your injuries. That way it will simply turn into a case of “he said, she said”.

If your injuries are not bad enough to force a trip to the A&E, one of the first things you should ask is for your injury to be noted down in the salon’s accident book. It is your legal right to have a copy of this for your claims case, as well as for the CCTV footage to show an unbiased perspective of what happened to cause your injuries.

You may also want to consider the following:

evidence for beauty compensation claims

Of course, you are not going to be able to get all of these forms of evidence, however, the more you get the more likely that you can prove that you were not the cause of your injuries. You will also want to take notes of any correspondence you have with insurance firms or your doctors in the future. That way an offered settlement will not throw you off. Instead, you will know precisely what was discussed and how you can move forward with the claim. If you are working with a solicitor then you can show them this evidence. They can help you organize it.

How much could I claim from beauty injury compensation?

Let’s talk about money. In particular, what you are owed from a compensation pay-out. Each pay-out depends on the amount of losses you have suffered from. Each case is completely individual. That means some people should experience a higher pay out than others. Severely injured claimants could be owed thousands. You need to speak to a trained solicitor in order to potentially calculate how much you could be owed. They can look at your present and future losses and the severity of your injuries.

Keep in mind that your pay-out will also depend on if you can prove whether you are entirely not at fault for your injuries. If the other party can prove that you were also at fault for the accident, i.e. you were fooling around in the salon, then the outcome could be “partial compensation”.

Gowing Law Solicitors can help you with your beauty injury claim!

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We understand that any sort of accident can be traumatic for the victim. They can physically scar you and leave you feeling depressed. That’s why you should get in contact with a lawyer to help you as quickly as possible. Gowing Law’s trained solicitors in Manchester can help you get the compensation you deserve. They can offer you free help and consultations remotely to avoid transferring Covid-19. We can also talk to you through video call.

If you do decide to work with our solicitors, we will offer our services on a “no win-no fee” basis. That means there is no financial risk if you want to make a claim. You will not lose any money if we do not win your case. So, what’s stopping you from calling our trained team to find out more information?

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